Wild Cherry Kindergarten offers a beautiful natural environment for children to learn and play.

Come and play with toys made of natural materials in a calm and gentle environment that strengthens a feeling of well-being and creates a safe place to explore and play.

3yo & 4yo Kindergarten Session Times:

Wednesday 8.45-11.15am Thursday and Friday 8.45am-3.15pm (15.5 hours)

At Wild Cherry Kindergarten children are encouraged to follow their interests and learn through imaginative play. Learning through imaginative play strengthens the development of problem solving, language, cognitive, social, gross and fine motor skills. The Waldorf/Steiner play-based curriculum allows the children to discover their interests and talents at their own pace and provides opportunities for positive growth of social graces, leadership and sharing.

The teachers provide activities including craft, gardening, painting and cooking. Children help with everyday duties, such as cutting up fruit for morning tea, setting the table, and packing away before lunch and at the end of the day. These practical activities are the first building blocks of numeracy.

Singing seasonal songs and the recitation of poetry and verse are part of the daily rhythm. The beauty of speech is modelled by the teachers through story-telling and drama. This oral and aural practice forms the foundation for the development of early literacy skills.